The energy or vibrations you put out is the energy you receive. 

Every month, I promise to donate a portion of my earnings towards a charity or organization that I support. This month, I am dedicated to help save our oceans. For more information on this cause, please see the post below.

Save Our Oceans 

“Coral reefs, home to over half of the world’s fish, have declined by 40% in the last 40 years. Marine species are also being heavily affected by the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic that are floating in our oceans.

PADI AWARE Foundation was founded in 1992 as part of the PADI organization (the largest scuba diving organization in the world), to drive local action for global ocean conservation. Today, the charity is the largest and fastest-growing underwater citizen science movement in the world.

What they do: PADI AWARE Foundation engages the public to remove plastics and other debris from our oceans through their Dive Against Debris Program. Volunteers can even see their impact via the charity’s innovative Dive Against Debris Global Map. They also focus their efforts on creating a sustainable diving industry by educating divers on how to live an ocean-conscious lifestyle and encouraging business owners to adopt sustainable practices.

What they’ve achieved: To date, the PADI AWARE Foundation has removed 2 million pieces of debris from our oceans, with the help of their 128,000 professional diving members. The charity has also educated over 1 million divers on the threats facing our oceans, as well as how to tackle them. In 2020, the charity rescued 1,585 entangled marine animals from fishing nets and removed 42,519kgs of debris.” -Carla Shaik 

To learn more about the PADI AWARE FOUNDATION please click below.

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